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Cake Decoration Turntable Non-Slip Rotating DIY Baking Cake Stand Tool

Size:  27.6 × 7 cm.
Material: food grade plastic.
Rotates 360 degrees, non-slip base.


This Decorating Revolving Cake Stand, is the perfect tool for any beginner cake decorators. This plastic cake turntable is a quality product for a very affordable price to get started with your baking creativity. It is made from food grade plastic with bearings inside for smooth and also steady rotation for easier decoration. To clean it, wipe the turner with a damp cloth but do not submerge it in water. This turntable has a diameter of about 11-Inches and is 3-Inches tall.
Suitable for any cake decorators and also model makers. Great for making Borders, Icing, Leveling, Combing and much more. The cake turntable is great for decorating, setting up, displaying, icing and even serving cakes, pastries, pies and other desserts.

360° Two Rotation Directions and Non-Slip Turntable

Cake Decorating Turntable Non Slip Baking Tool 2The turner can turn clockwise or counterclockwise which is great of both left and right-handed people. It rotates 360° Rotation, from counterclockwise and clockwise. Stable so there is no need to worry about the cake shaking or falling during use. This rotary stand has a base that is non-slip, as it has a silicone rubber edge on the bottom as the anti-slip ring. With a matte surface, friction is increased to prevent your cake from sliding off when you are decorating and rotating your cake.

Durable and Lightweight Cake Turntable

It is made of food grade plastic that is very easy to clean with a towel and water. The food grade plastic material ensures it’s safe, doesn’t rust, can take frequent and long-term use. It is also lightweight and very easy to carry and move around.  This cake stand is perfect for decorating cakes of any size and also is strong enough to hold multi-tiered cakes and other pastries.


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 27.6 × 7 cm

  • Food-graded material,high quality and safe
  • Smooth 360 degrees rotation helps you to control time and rotation speed better
  •  Non-slip surface on top of the platform to keep cake in place while you decorate
  • Easy-to-clean polish plate is perfect for cake decoration.

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