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Professional Lemon Zesting Cheese Grater Zester


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  • Length of the Zester: 32 cm

What You Get: 1* Zester / Grater, 1* Protective cover blade, 1* Cleaning Brush


Out of stock

This professional Zesting Grater is an handy tool to have around in the kitchen for most of your cooking tasks.

The Zester is great if you want to put fresh Parmesan on your pasta or pizza serving. Also if you want to decorate your cake with chocolate, lemon, coconut or add nutmeg to your freshly brewed coffee or drink some cold lemonade with a hint of ginger on that hot day of the summer, this sharp stainless steel handheld zesting tool does it all.

A Zester can be used for many fruits like lemons, coconuts, oranges or even garlic, ginger, nutmeg and also chocolate.

Made with durable premium stainless steel with a long and narrow blade which will not rust over time. The non-slip handle is very comfortable to hold and also use.

In addition you will get a nice little brush to clean the zester and also a protective cover for it’s blade.

The characteristics the Zesting Grater

The zesting Grater is sharp, effective, and it can help produce a large amount of zest the least effort. It is useful with lemons, oranges, chocolate, coconuts, limes, cheese, and even for spices like nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon. You will love this Grater’s shape, look, and also function!

Easy to clean and storage

You can either clean it by hand with water and the included cleaning brush or put it in the dishwasher. This Grater zesting tool comes with a protective cover that is easy to put on and remove. It’s easy to store or hung due to it’s hole in the handle.

Kitchen Versatile Essential Zesting Tool:

Lemon Zester: Can be used to zest lemons, oranges, limes, citruses and also coconuts.
Cheese Grater: Can easily grind Parmesan cheese or your Reggiano cheese on that favorite salad or pasta.
Zester Peeler: Grind your chocolate and sprinkle it on that delicious cake, desserts or even ice cream.
Citrus Zester: Sprinkle those citruses, lemons, limes or oranges on that favorite beer, cocktail or meal.
Nutmeg Grater: Grind fresh cinnamon and also nutmeg easily on your food.


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