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6 Dessert Milkshake Ice Cream Sundae Soda Smoothie Glasses – Set of 6

  • Package Includes: 6 Pieces
  • Perfect for Milkshakes, Smoothies


TALL GLASS SET FOR SERVING ICE CREAM , SUNDAES , SHAKES, HOT CHOCOLATE FUDGE, MOCKTAILS, FRUIT CREAMS ETC. Has a Contemporary Design: These smoothie glasses have a contemporary look that is great for entertaining and everyday use. With their sleek silhouette and also clean design, this set is versatile for both casual and formal use. Great for serving water with your dinner or creating an unique cocktails at the dinner party.
Sturdy Glassware: These glasses are made from fine grade sands and then finished in a premium glazes that gives a drinking glass it’s sturdiness and strong enough for repeated use. It has a heavy base that helps prevent the glass from shattering and remaining upright.
Set of high-quality American style milkshake/sundae/smoothie glasses designed for you to serve a wide range of your sweet delicacies. Tall fountain style dessert glasses that is thick clear with a secure pedestal base and also a smooth finish. Ideal for serving your milkshakes, sundae’s, ice creams, smoothies, milkshake soda’s, ice cream floats and other drinks.


Made of a thick scalloped glass with wide base. With smoothies and milk shakes being all that, you can easily serve guests and yourself in style with these milk shake glasses. Originally used at soda fountains around 100 years ago. The glasses are back in use for not only drinks but also desserts. With a clear glass structure, you can see how you structure and layer different items like ice creams, fruits, smoothies, wafers, sauces and more. This glass will make any item delivered look very eye-catching and tasty.


The glasses are dishwasher safe and also very long lasting. The cleanliness and re-usability of the glass makes drinks taste even better without any chemicals leaching into the drink from plastic materials. American style milkshake glasses with a lasting polished finish makes them very durable. The smooth surface will ensure the glasses remain very crisp clear and stay resistant from any chips, cracks, and also scratches. These glasses are non-porous, thus 100% hygienic and no bacteria or flavor will be retained on the surface.


Unlimited uses from tall tropical cocktails, to milkshakes, malteds, sundaes, floats, and ice cream sodas.





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